Parties & Workshops

Would you like to host an aromatherapy party or workshop? Hosts receive great incentives, such as free participation and discounts on products and consultations.

Introduction to Aromatherapy Basics  *  Aromatherapy for Skin Care

Aromatherapy for Organic Cleaning

Aromatherapy for Emotional Well-being

Aromatherapy Medicine Cabinet and First Aid Basics

If you are interested to host, all you need to do is gather together a minimum of 3 people (not including yourself) and select a topic that you would like me to cover from the list below. Hosts do not pay for participation in the event and will also receive a one-time voucher for 20% off a consultation or product of their choice. To book, please contact me directly using the contact form or via email at

Workshops can be held in your own private location (all we need is table space) or just ask me about booking space at my beautiful and centrally located office in The Hague.

There is no obligation for you or your guests to buy anything or make additional appointments with me. Workshops have a fee per person which includes the cost of supplies for products that we make (and each person takes home to keep). Workshops generally last three hours, but times can vary, so just ask 🙂

At the end of all parties and workshops, I am available to do personal readings/consultations (10 Euros per 10 minutes) as well as take bookings for full consultations and Aromatherapy sessions.

Introduction to Aromatherapy Basics –  This two hour workshop includes a presentation on essential oil basics and the opportunity for participants to learn about the different essential oil families and their uses. They will have the opportunity to smell different oils, learn more about what their personal preferences are and how to select different oils for their personal needs.

Cost – 50 Euro per person. Includes notes on materials covered and several recipes for home blending.
Aromatherapy for Skin Care –  includes a presentation on essential oils and carrier oils for skin care depending on your age and skin type. Participants will learn which oils will be best for their skin and basics on blending.

Each person will make a facial serum for their skin type to take home. I will also guide the group through the process of giving each other mini-facials or hand massages using their new serums.

Cost per person – 130 Euros. Includes instruction and all supplies.

Aromatherapy for Organic Cleaning–  includes a presentation on using essential oils for non-toxic and organic cleaning of your home or office. Participants will learn which oils are the best “bacteria busters” and disinfectants, how to use them, and which are safest for their children and pets.

Each person will be able to make a cleaning spray and cleaning scrub to take home as well as have printed copies of these and 5 additional recipes to take home.

Cost per person – 120 Euros. Includes instructions and all supplies.

Aromatherapy for Emotional Well-being – includes a presentation on using essential oils to promote relaxation and well-being. Participants will learn which essential oils are best for reducing stress, dealing with grief and loss, increasing creativity and vitality and unlocking their passions.

Each person will also make an essential oil sugar scrub as well as an essential oil aromatic spray for the area of well-being of their choice.

Cost per person – 150 Euros. Includes instruction and all supplies.

Aromatherapy Medicine Cabinet and First Aid Basics– for those who want to learn more about using essential oils in their at-home medicine cabinet, this presentation will cover the 10 basic oils that every home should have and their practical applications in cases of scratches, bumps, burns, stomach aches, sleepless nights and many others!

While we don’t make a product to take home, this is really more of a class than a workshop. Cost per person: 65 Euro


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