Simply Clean
Using Essential Oils To CleanYour Home Naturally
Lauren Hayes Keizer (Gilbert)

“Simply Clean” is part of a series of e-books written to empower readers to say no to toxic chemicals and make using essential oils in every-day life easy and fun. Written by Intuitive Aromatherapist Lauren Hayes Gilbert, the book emphasises using essential oils and natural living as a way to create a healthier environment in our homes and for the planet. Included in the book are profiles on the most effective essential oils to use for natural cleaning as well as room-by-room recipes, tips and instructions to have your home naturally clean and smelling great in no time!

To download a free preview of this ebook (pdf) – please click here. (even though it prompts you for credit card info, all you need to do is enter your email address and a price of $0 and the file will be emailed to you automatically).

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