“Hi Lauren, the shield is great!  Maybe it’s my imagination, but I do feel protected and cheerful.  Thanks!” Ellen, California, USA
“My four thieves oil came in the mail today, and everything looks great.  Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.  I certainly wouldn‘t hesitate to refer you to anyone. Thanks again.” – Barbara S. Winder, GA

“Yum! This package made my whole mailbox smell good! I can’t wait to start using this powerful blend. Thanks! (And I really appreciate the inclusion of the dropper — a thoughtful touch!)” – Erin KP. Burbank, CA

“I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with a personalized product from Airmid Botanicals. The item, a customized men’s aftershave spray has been a fantastic addition, and in most cases replacement for a lot of my facial products. I feel like Lauren captured my essence, and then magnified it. I am not an expert in identifying scents, but I do believe I detect a hint of ginger! I not only use it after shaving, but also commonly as a moisturizer – for it’s cooling, soothing and refreshing properties. It has become a revitalization process and ritual to use the spray after a shower as I find it has an energizing quality to it. Also, it’s not at all greasy, which is a fantastic change from my experience with common store bought alternatives. So, thank you Lauren for your natural and individualistic creation. I continue to use it with immense satisfaction.” – Andrey Baranov, East Greenbush, NY

“After a series of mosquito bites last summer, I tried most of the available means to relieve the itchy and burning feeling on my skin. In the end, the Insect Bite Relief’ spray by Airmid Botanicals was the most soothing and allowed me to sleep at night despite the number of mosquito bites. Well made and as an extra it also gives a nice smell.” – Willem Jan Keizer, The Netherlands

“I’m really loving the spray and the oil!” – Marcia Curran. Chatham, NY

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