Airmid Botanicals is the private practice of Intuitive Aromatherapist, Lauren Gilbert. Founded in 2012, the company began as an inspiration to manifest sustainability and healing in her own life and the lives of others through her passion for essential oils and aromatherpy.

In 2011, Lauren left her decade-long career in the publishing industry to pursue aromatherapy and holistic healing. She became a certified Reiki master as well as a certified Aromatherapist and Hospice volunteer. Her natural healing abilities, desire to assist, and deep personal connection with plants have allowed Lauren to become the energetic healer and Lauren2014aromatherapist that she is today.

Born in the USA, Lauren grew up in the natural beauty of the Hudson River Valley and Berkshire Mountains. She has lived in several countries around the world, including Australia, Turkey and England as well as travelled extensively through Europe and the South Pacific. In each place, Lauren has studied and become familiar with the native plants, flowers and oils – forming an intimate relationship with their properties and local uses – often by using them herself and documenting the effects long before she began her “official” studies in Aromatherapy. It is her broad context of knowledge from around the world and adventurous spirit that make her formulas and applications both unique and compelling.

Equally important to Lauren is the origin of the oils that she uses in her formulas, with an emphasis on creating a cycle of sustainability and supporting organic and ethical agriculture. Lauren obtains her oils from organic and ethical sources, and whenever possible buys direct from farms and distilleries that are directly supporting local agriculture and the surrounding communities.

It is the commitment of Airmid Botanicals that all products are made with integrity and respect for the plants of origin as well as for the customers who will use them. Lauren personally designs, mixes and prepares all Airmid Botanicals products. When you buy products from Airmid Botanicals – you are not only supporting ethical and organic agriculture and receiving a top-quality product or service – you are also receiving the personal touch of what Lauren puts into her products and services – not simply buying another product off the shelf that is made in bulk in a laboratory.

The name “Airmid” comes from the Celtic deity of herbs and healing. In Celtic mythology, Airmid was the daughter and sister of other powerful healers in her tribe – the Tuatha de Dannaan.  The essence of plants and herbs spoke to her directly, telling her of their healing properties. She wore a cloak upon which she had placed 365 different healings herbs to use in her travels as a healer and master of herbal medicines.

The logo of Airmid Botanicals depicts a Scottish Thistle surrounded by its own leaves. Personally significant to Lauren as one of her most beloved flowers – the thistle has also been in use medicinally for thousands of years and has been recorded by Dioscorides and Culpepper as having positive effects on ulcers, muscular complaints and nervous conditions.

Today, Lauren calls The Netherlands her home where she resides with her partner and family while she continues to travel, learn and work as an aromatherapist, healer and teacher. Through her work, she endeavors to share her love and commitment to the plants and oils as well as the belief that they can be friends, teachers and healers to everyone who uses them. If you would like to connect with Lauren personally for consultations or custom products – please use the contact form found on this website and she will be happy to reply!


Photo by Willem Jan Keizer


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