Top Reasons To Go Non-Toxic!

Over the summer, I have been developing some really beautiful new essential oil spiritual blends as well as having a think about what I want to do with Airmid Botanicals in the next 12-18 months.

One of the reasons that I don’t make a lot of beauty and self-care products is that there are already a lot of people out there doing a really fantastic job at this, and for me, it’s the creation of spiritual blends and writing/teaching about essential oils that holds the most joy for me – and so remains my focus. I really enjoy talking about the awesome things you can do with essential oils and why it’s healthy and so much fun to incorporate them into daily life.

However, one of the things I still frequently run into, is that people I talk with can appreciate the fun of using essential oils, but they still don’t understand the major motivation to switch over to using them – and away from synthetic fragrances and products. That reason being – the long-term health of themselves and their families.

The reason that I wrote “Simply Clean” – was that I was shocked to learn just how many toxic chemicals are allowed into our cleaning products without the manufacturers having to be accountable for this. Women and children being the two groups most effected by the long-term exposure to these chemicals with a myriad of health problems – some severe or even life threatening. I wanted to provide clear information and simple instructions for anyone who wanted to make the change from toxic to natural to get started right away.

And yet, the message still doesn’t really seem to be “sticking” just yet. I took some time to think about this, and why it’s happening; why lots of really intelligent and caring people are still buying toxic cleaning supplies, cosmetics laden with chemicals, body-care products that slather petrochemical fragrances all over the skin and are then directly absorbed into the body…. and then using them on themselves and in their homes daily.

Some of the reasons I came up with are:
availability: the artificial products are just everywhere. It’s convenient to buy and use them.
price: natural and non-toxic products can be expensive to buy.
advertising: we are coming out of an era of intense advertising where we have been sent the message to “trust” name brands and not really question what the heck they are putting in their products and what long-term effects it could have on our health.
legislation: under the federal hazardous substances act, manufacturers of certain products such as household cleaners are not required to list all of their ingredients or test their products for safety.

Let me offer some counter-arguments to the above reasons:

availability: While it’s true that it’s more convenient to buy products off the shelves when you’re at the store than to drive to an eco store, buy online or make your own – isn’t a much better use of your time to spend it on taking really good care of your and your family’s health by investing in safe products? You deserve to spend your time on activities and resources that will make the “rest” of your time that much more healthy and enjoyable.
price: yes, essential oils and natural products can be expensive. But consider that good quality lasts a long time, that making your own products does save money in the long run, and how much money you will save when you and your family do NOT develop asthma, disorders of the endocrine system and even cancer from long-term exposure to toxins!
advertising: next time you see a commercial from a major brand name showing you images of happy families looking clean and healthy, or glamorous women in red lipstick – take a moment to google exactly what is in those products (If you can find out!) and ask yourself if  Monoethanolamine (MEA),  Phthalates, and  Synthetic musks such galaxolide and tonalide really sound all that glamorous and healthy to you – when alternatives could be: vinegar, beeswax, lemon essential oil, and rose water. Do your own research and question for yourself what manufacturers are saying.
legislation: well this one is pretty grim. You might think that if products were really dangerous, of course your government would not allow them on the shelves. Sadly, you’d be wrong. Consumer choice and profit are what drive the decisions of manufacturers, and unless there is a demand from consumers or enough law suits against companies, there is unlikely to be legislation change on these issues. As the consumer, it really is up to you to educate yourself and talk with your wallet (with what you buy and what you don’t) and write letters to your local representatives about the issues that concern you.

Bottom line is, you’ve got to want to make the change over to natural products and be motivated to take the time to do it. Once you have started to use natural products and discontinued the use of synthetics and toxins in your life – a couple of really amazing things happen:

– your sense of smell becomes noticeably better. No joke! When you are not breathing in synthetic fragrances all the time (which coat the fine hairs of the nose and literally block other smells from being differentiated) you will be amazed at how keen your sense of smell becomes! And do you know what else comes with that? Taste. You will actually taste your food better as well. And once you have those two things back in your life, the smell of the synthetics will quickly become totally undesirable to have around you again.

-if you are someone who has repeated headaches, allergies or chronic asthma, you will very likely see a decrease in your symptoms, if not eliminated entirely. Spend a month away from synthetic chemical fragrance – and then walk in to a scented candle shop and observe how your body reacts. If you are like me, it’s something like: instant headache, difficulty breathing after 10 minutes, runny nose and coughing. Yuck!

-you will get sick less often and your immune system will recover more quickly. When our body is inundated daily with chemical toxins, it has to work REALLY hard to get rid of them (in the cases that it can. many are bio-accumulative, meaning that the body literally can’t eliminate them) which can slow down a lot of our natural immune responses.

Really this list could go on and on. I just wanted to give a few more examples of just why this is so important, and why YOU ARE WORTH making this investment in! You deserve to give yourself the time, care and attention of a healthy body and lifestyle – and there has never been a time when more resources, products and support are available for you! You can so do this!

I have made my book as easy and affordable to buy as possible, and also offer starter kits and support packages to help answer all your questions and get you started now! 10% of all book sales also goes directly to one of my favourite organisations: Women’s Voices For The Earth. This group truly does an outstanding job on education and resources – so visit their website too, and get some great tips and ideas!

A few other sites that I love:

Wellness Mama
Lotus Tree Gluten Free Kitchen and Apothecary
Ananda Apoethcary
The Healthy Apple

And really this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do your own research and let me know what you find!! I’d love to add your links here to share with the community.

Wishing you a vibrant and inspired day!



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