New Book: Simply Clean

ImageI’m so happy to announce that the first book in my “Simply” series is now available for sale! The book is called, Simply Clean. Using Essential Oils to Clean Your Home Naturally. Included in the book is information about harmful chemicals found in commercial cleaners, profiles of the most effective essential oils to use when cleaning, and over 35 simple recipes to keep your home or office naturally clean and smelling great!

I first began researching this book last year and finished the first draft while staying in Scotland when I had the time to write for several hours each day. It’s been great fun to take my personal experiences with using essential oils in “every-day life” and create a book that I hope will be both informative as well as inspiring for my readers and clients.

It is also my hope that as more people become aware of just how harmful the ingredients in commercial cleaning products are – and how simple (and inexpensive) it is to make safer and healthier alternatives with beautiful and pure essential oils – that a higher standard will be both demanded by consumers and provided by manufacturers. As I mention in my book, under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, household cleaners are the only products for which manufacturers are not required to list all ingredients. Additionally, there is no law requiring manufacturers to test their products for safety – which means that it’s up to us as private consumers to take back control over what we allow in our homes and support with our wallets.

I also believe that this issue is especially of concern for women and children, as women are statistically still more involved in cleaning (both domestically and professionally) and therefor incurring higher and longer term rates of exposure to toxins, while children with long-term exposure to many of these products are more likely to develop asthma and other health problems.

Simply Clean explains in basic terms what the various chemicals found in many cleaning products are and what to watch out for. It also goes into further detail as to why essential oils are superb house-hold cleaners as well as therapeutic tools that can help us to transform not only the health of our homes, but also the atmosphere and vibration.

The recipes are presented in a room-by-room format, starting with the kitchen and including the bathroom, living room, laundry and bedroom. I’m also pleased to share that ALL recipes include both metric and imperial measurements so that anyone, anywhere can easily follow and create the final products 🙂

Research for the next book in the “Simply” series entitled, Simply Beautiful. Using Essential Oils For Natural Beauty is already underway, and I hope to have it ready for release by the end of this year.

Simply Clean retails for $7.95 (or about 5 Euro) and can be purchased HERE in many formats (there is also a free PDF of the first 12 pages which you can download). It will also be available from all major ebook retailers including Amazon, ibook and others later this month. 

If you would like have your chance to win a free copy, please just leave a comment here on the blog letting me know what your favourite essential oil is and why!



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