Rosy New Year



Happy New Year everyone! Well – depending on which New Year you celebrate. Personally, I am looking very much forward to the Chinese New Year that is approaching and welcoming in the year of the Horse. Good-bye year of the Snake! Thank you for all the skins you helped me to shed, but I am now looking forward to bounding forward freely!

One of the nice things about having a blog on WordPress is that I get to see who is visiting my website through the built-in analytics that come with the account 🙂 It’s been very cool to see that so many people from around the world have been stopping by and spending some time on the site! I appreciate it so much and enjoy seeing the visits from Finland, Russia, Thailand and many more!

Some news from Airmid Botanicals and my world:

I’m very pleased to announce that I am now working on an advanced qualification in Reflexology so that I can continue to increase my knowledge and offer up-to-date and relevant treatments in combination with Aromatherapy and Energetic Healing (Aromagenics). After studying reflexology in 2012-2013, I became interested to go further with it and have been astonished at the results I have seen with clients when I’ve combined Reflexology with the other work that I do.  An advanced level qualification allows me to incorporate Reflexology into treatments for things such as allergies, chronic pain and treatment of children and the elderly – as well as the usual imbalances of the physical and emotional body.

I have also been very called to work more with flower absolutes as we all make the transition into the new year and get used to being in our new skins. In particular, Rose Absolute has been much on my mind and inspiring me to come up with different ways of incorporating it into treatments. Last summer, Willem and I travelled to Cyprus for several weeks to visit mutual friends. While there, our hosts took us into the Troodos mountains and showed us beautiful small villages as well as secluded monastic enclaves. One of the gifts I was given was a bottle of pure Rose water, as made by a man who grows his own roses and donates the profits of this wonderful rose water to help poor families in need of financial assistance. I was at once impressed and enamoured with this very high quality rose water and began using it immediately.

The “Rose Aromagenics Treatment” I have designed and been offering to clients for the new year involves a foot soak with a combination of this beautiful rose water, Chamomile Roman, Ylang-ylang and a single drop of pure rose absolute. This is followed by some Reflexology for stress-relief and heart chakra support. The session is concluded with energetic balancing that focuses on heart chakra support and bringing forth the intentions of the heart for the new year.

It’s a beautiful treatment and one that I sincerely love giving ❤

Wishing you all a happy and beautiful new year!



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