Yuletide Aromatic Spray – with Scots Highland Pine!

Dia dhaoibh! – or, “Hello!” in Gaelic šŸ™‚ I have been having a wonderful time in Scotland, visiting the Highlands and letting the natural landscapes inspire me. 20131101_143009
For my birthday, I took a trip far up into the Highlands, which included visiting the mysterious and beautiful Glencoe as well as a boat trip across Loch Ness. Needless to say, it was a day I will remember for the rest of my life and a most spectacular way to spend my birthday! 20131101_140749

As our vehicle wound around and through Loch Lomond, I was awed to see and smell a part of what remains of the once vast Caledonian Forest. This woodland once covered large areas of Scotland and is said in folklore to be the site of one of King Arthur’s battles. It’s still famous today for its trees, especially Scots Pine. Even at this rainy and dark time of year, the smell of this colossal Pine was incredible! 20131101_103614

This trip, as well as the approaching holidays inspired me to create something really special this year. I have always loved Christmas and New Year’s, not only because of the contrast of bright lights amidst the darkness, but because of the fabulous smells associated with trees, open fireplaces and all of the aromatic magic that happens in the kitchen. So, I spent the past week thinking about how I could share my love of the holidays as well as the incredible experience of the Highlands with you all.

The Result? I have created a BEAUTIFUL aromatic room spray reminiscent (love that word) of this time of year, but with something EXTRA special: Organic Scottish Highland Pine essential oil! The new spray is called YULETIDE and is a gorgeous blend of Scots Highland Pine, Red Mandarin and Cinnamon bark. Together, they create a smell that is warm, spicy, uplifting and saturated with the deep pine of the Highlands all at once.

The spray can be used to scent a room, or sprayed onto non-electrical trees and decorations (remember, essential oils are flammable!). It comes in a 100ml (3.4 oz) re-usable aluminum bottle with atomizer spray top. It adds a special touch to your home or office at this time of year and also makes an excellent gift (perfect for a stocking or secret santa). You can purchase it HERE in the Airmid Botanicals shop!
Orders places this month should arrive in plenty of time for Christmas, and all you need do is contact me if you would like to arrange for a faster delivery method. I am happy to oblige!

Wishing you a very enjoyable weekend and lots of inspiration for your parties and plans as we move into the festive season!


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