Hello! I said goodbye to the Isle of Wight last week and arrived in Scotland on Friday. It is such a beautiful country and I feel so fortunate to be visiting. I arrived in Glasgow quite early in the day and so after getting settled in, had plenty of time to tour around the city and get the lay of the land. There are many excellent museums and interesting buildings to be sure! I also had a peek around Edinburgh over the weekend. Another stunning city and it was magical to see both Edinburgh and Sterling castles. So far though, what makes my heart stop every time I see them – are the beautiful green hills that are all around. They speak to some deep part of me and I could probably spend the rest of my life staring at them and still not feel like I’d seen enough. I’m hoping to get up to Glencoe and Inverness – places in the Highlands – and I will be sure to post some pictures if I do! Unfortunately, the thistle has all started to die back this late in the year, and so I’m not sure that I’ll see any growing wild in the hills – but then again – maybe I will!


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