Change of Season

Autumn Leaves

It’s been a quiet week here in Ventnor. Lots of time to get some writing and research done, enjoy walks along the coast and observe the change of the season.

So often this time of year is so busy for people – kids going back to school, university classes re-commencing, final harvests and preparing our vegetable patches and flower beds for winter –  that it can be easy to miss the subtle changes that take place and appreciate the perfection of the cycles of nature.

It’s this time of year that the energies turn inwards again. Plants recede, the hours of sunlight shorten and our own thoughts shift as we consider how we will spend our time during the winter months; perhaps what books we will read, what indoor projects we will finish and what kinds of foods might appeal to us in the colder weather.

Having spent most of the summer outdoors this year – first in Cyprus, and then working on an allotment in England and now down on the Isle of Wight – I’ve had more time than usual to consider the change of the seasons and allow myself to experience it naturally and move with it – rather than around it. I’ll be continuing on to Scotland in about 10 days  – where it will be considerably colder and the landscape more rugged. As such, I find my thoughts turning away from the smell of summer earth in the garden, fresh berries on the bush, citrus drinks and heavy rose blossoms… and drifting towards wood fires, composting leaves, hot tea infusions and woolly sweaters.

As an Aromatherapist, I tend to experience much of life through my sense smell. And so while many are changing out their summer wardrobes and unpacking their boxes of boots and mittens from the attic – I find myself swapping out bottles of mandarin and neroli from my personal “daily use box” and reaching for my “winter stash”. I find comfort and peace in “headier” scents and oils for the winter months – fragrances that stay close to the skin and give me a sense of warmth. Some of my favourite winter oils are Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Pine, Cardamom, Black Pepper and Cinnamon Bark.  More time indoors also means more time to spend in hot baths; nourishing my hair and skin with oils, lotions and serums and giving my environment a cosy aroma.

Degas.You can purchase single oils from a health food shop, or consult an Aromatherapist to have custom blends prepared for you, and use them in any number of ways during winter months. For those with a wood stove (or just a regular stove top will also do just fine) one of my favourite things to do is put a pot of hot water on top of the burning stove and sprinkle in a few drops of my favourite blend. Soon enough the whole house will be permeated with whatever wonderful smell I’ve chosen for the day. Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts and my favourite oils, or treating my skin to a moisturising treatment using essential oils with lotions or serums also becomes a favourite way to pass the time – and nourish myself during the winter months of reflection.

Autumn is also the time l make up plenty of my cold and flu remedy – so that I can diffuse it in the air to keep the germs away, or apply to the soles of my feet before bed if I start to feel a tickle or a sniffle coming on.  I really can’t say how valuable that blend has proven over the years – especially as many of us are prone to a cold as the seasons change or looking for a way to avoid contracting the flu without getting “the shot”!

To celebrate the changing of the season in all its natural perfection – I’m offering a special until October 10th: 10% off a bottle of Cold & Cold and Flu SupportFlu Support. Just send me a message using the contact form with the word “WINTER” in the comment box and I’ll send you a special Pay Pal link with the discount. Please note that I am able to accept most currencies and that Pay Pal will automatically make the conversion for you  🙂

Wherever you are in the world today – I hope you are thoroughly enjoying these final sunny afternoons of autumn; putting your gardens to rest; and making lists of all the cookies you will bake, scarves you will knit and kisses you will give your loved ones in the cosy months to come!



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