Hello, and welcome to the Airmid Botanicals website! My name is Lauren and I am a Spiritual Aromatherapist and Alchemist. I work with people around the world to help them use essential oils as part of their holistic lifestyle and spiritual practice. One of my favourite things to do is create specialised blends of essential oils which will assist with emotional and spiritual health. Using my gifts as an aromatherapist and plant communicator (What’s that?) I have developed blends that are unique to me and my practice – and I LOVE sharing them with my clients and community.

I also offer Aromatherapy consultations  as well as custom products to help you look and feel your best. So if you don’t see what you are looking for – please just ask me! And if you are in The Hauge area, check out my parties and workshops!

On this site you will also find lots of information about aromatherapy basics as well as articles and books to help you incorporate essential oils into your daily-life.

It is my commitment that all products from Airmid Botanicals are made with integrity and respect for the plants of origin as well as for the customers who will use them. I personally mix and prepare all of my custom blends using my own formulas and infuse each and every bottle with a lot of love and little bit of magic. Me my inner child and my inner witch believe that the plants and oils can be friends, teachers and healers to everyone who uses them.

A personal campaign of mine is also to educate the public on how to eliminate toxic chemicals from their homes (many of which are linked to increased rates of cancer and asthma – especially in women and children), particularly those found in cleaning products. My book, “Simply Clean. Using Essential Oils To Clean Your Home Naturally” gives straight-forward information on what to avoid as well as recipes and instructions for over 30 natural cleaning recipes that you can start using today. If this issue is important to you too, please consider supporting my work by picking up a copy of the book and sharing what you learn with other women in your life.

I love getting to know different people around the world and hearing about their experiences with essential oils. So – please do post comments, send me notes and of course join the Airmid Botanicals Facebook page! I look forward to knowing you!

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– Lauren

Photo by Willem Jan Keizer

Photo by Willem Jan Keizer


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